OU FUMT OU - Round 1

Round 1 of month 1 of the FUMT Tournaments has finally begun after what feels like 5036181842462 years! We have 7 participants, which is an odd number so I will join the tournament.

Here are the matchups:

MultiPokemon vs Mr.Bossaru (xbossarux)
euph181215 (Tsar Dedede) vs torterraxx (Torterraxx1)
lucario37501 vs Steeke (King of Mycenae)
blank who vs FYBIRR


Matches MUST be sent to me (FYBIRR) by either person as proof of whoever won.

If someone disconnects, the person who did not
disconnect chooses whether to:
  1. Restart the match with same teams and same lead Pokémon
  2. Restart the match with different teams (this will not count as your 1 team swap for the tournament, as you will only use that team for that one battle)
A disconnects does not count as a win, unless the player who disconnected intentionally left.

Matches will be due on Saturday, February 11.
If nobody sends me the match replay, it will either count as a draw, and players will be forced to redo the match with the same teams with me spectating, or both players will be disqualified. It depends if I'm in a good mood. If you are playing against me, you do not have to send me a replay for obvious reasons.

That's all there is to go over for round 1, good luck participants!
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